Yes, I have this song on my iPod. It's one of those songs you really hope doesn't come up when someone puts your iPod on shuffle. It's one of the Top 10, if not the #1 gayest song ever. Those 80's disco synths would make even Dannii Minogue blush!

With gay dance music like this on the upswing, perhaps Flo Rida or T.I. will sample this for their next hit. I never in a million years thought You Spin Me Around or Numa Numa would become the base for a #1 hits in this decade, but I was wrong! So if any rappers sample this song, you know where they got the idea.

Apparently Paul is still pushing this single, and filmed a video for it in 2007. It's not half bad unlike this one. The spoken intro at :23 is not to be missed!

The Facebook redesign lets you "like" anything in your feed, and bloody hostage crises are no exception!

Facebook Fail  The New York Times  Breaking News: Hostages Taken in Binghamton, N.Y. -

I love Gaga, but this parody is 10 shades of amazing.

You know things is bad when you see help-wanted ads like this gem I found on Craigslist:

Bookkeeper/Graphic Design/Webmaster (Midtown East)<br /><br />Reply to:<br />Date: 2009-03-25, 3:49PM EDT<br /><br />A Midtown Office Furniture and Interior Design firm is seeking a full-time, experienced, talented & motivated employee. A generous salary and benefits will be offered to a qualified candidate. The position requires Bookkeeping, Web Development and Graphic Design skills. Responsibilities include; General Bookkeeping, Office Administration, HR Functions, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Customer Service & Project Coordination in addition to Website Maintenance, Online Marketing, Print Layout & Commercial Quality Publishing. Working knowledge of Interior Design and Photography are pluses.<br /><br />Computer Proficiency Requirements:<br />Quickbooks, Microsoft Office, Dreamweaver, Constant Contact, Giza, AutoCAD, PowerPoint, Photoshop & Quark<br /><br />Do you fulfill these requirements? If so, please apply via email by submitting your resume to

Yes, you read that right. They want a multitasker.

Reading that alone makes me feel like I've been roofied, date-raped, and robbed. I responded as follows:

Well hello!<br /><br />I noticed your ad on Craigslist and I immediately knew this was the perfect job for me.  I've always wanted a position that allows me to take advantage of my graphic design, human resources, desktop publishing, accounts payable/receivable, marketing, interior design, web production, photography AND bookkeeping skills.  It's almost like a dream come true!<br /><br />I'm very detail oriented and I thrive in a fast paced environment where multitasking is essential.  For example, I can clean toilets and make eggs florentine while riding a unicyle backwards.<br /><br />I'm sure people like me are a dime a dozen in this economy, so I'll take whatever you're willing to pay.  How is $10 an hour?  If that's too much I'm totally open to negotiation.  I'm young and healthy too, so benefits and 401k aren't important.   <br /><br />So, when can I come in for an interview with your fine organization?  Please call me at your earliest convenience at 212-479-7990.  I look forward to speaking with you!<br /><br />Sincerely,<br />Blue

Then this happened:

Thank you for your interest.<br /><br />Please forward a resume.<br /><br />Warmly,<br /><br />Fulltimejob2009

My "resume":

Blue Iris 212-479-7990<br /><br /><br />Skills<br />* National record for eating 45 eggs in two minutes<br />* Can function without additional oxygen at 24,000 feet<br /><br />2009<br />Employer:  Consulting<br />* My contributions on product launches were based on dreams that I had<br /><br />2001 - 2006<br />Employer:  Myself<br />* I was brought in as a turnaround consultant to help turn the company around.<br />* Received pay raise for high sales<br />* Brought in a balloon artist to entertain the team.<br /><br />Education<br />* I’ve got a Ph.D. in human feelings.<br /><br />Hobbies<br />* Getting drunk every night down by the water, playing my guitar and smoking pot<br /><br />Why Interested in Position<br />* I'm looking for a career on the Information Supper Highway and to keep my parole officer from putting back me in jail

I never heard back, I wonder why. I thought I was golden with my eggs florentine-making abilities.

Seriously, I feel really sorry for the ayhole who ends up in this cluster-fuck job.

I thought this was an SNL skit at first, but nope, it's real. Awesome on so many levels... I can't decide which is better, "Billie Jean" or "Everybody Dance Now."

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