Yes, I have this song on my iPod. It's one of those songs you really hope doesn't come up when someone puts your iPod on shuffle. It's one of the Top 10, if not the #1 gayest song ever. Those 80's disco synths would make even Dannii Minogue blush!

With gay dance music like this on the upswing, perhaps Flo Rida or T.I. will sample this for their next hit. I never in a million years thought You Spin Me Around or Numa Numa would become the base for a #1 hits in this decade, but I was wrong! So if any rappers sample this song, you know where they got the idea.

Apparently Paul is still pushing this single, and filmed a video for it in 2007. It's not half bad unlike this one. The spoken intro at :23 is not to be missed!


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