Welcome to Harvard, bitch

Camille is easily the most unlikeable person on Bravo's NYC Prep. She isn't much of a partier, her love life is practically non-existent, and therefore she's boring in terms of reality TV.

Camille's storyline has centered mostly on her goal to get into Harvard, which she does with a cold, calculating ambition that makes Tracy Flick look like the school burnout. That, combined with her gotta-pee eagerness and precise diction make her very hateable. The clip above unfortunately doesn't show the Scarlett's breezy sendoff: "Good luck getting in, even though you probably won't."

Poor Camile. She's on the fast track to becoming a frigid, 40-something with a failed marriage because of her slavish dedication to career over family.

I'm staring to like Kelli more and more. Kelli didn't take any guff from Scarlett when she grilled her on her college plans. I really appreciate that she was as annoyed as I was by her and noticed her "really weird voice". Amen sister!


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