What would you do if you found this in your inbox? If you were me, you'd craft an extremely creative response, hit "send" and watch what happens.

hey joe hope all is well in japan and that ur inspired another nation! thinking of u and wishing you the best of luck in ur travels mister! back in college trying to work hard and put my heart in it but i dunno... email me back and tell all of this amazing country!!! also will u keep an eye out for traveling oppertunities for me please????? love u loads carmel x x x<br />Obviously this email wasn't intended for me. But, oddly enough, I get a lot of emails like this. I'm not really sure why, but if I had to guess, I'd say it is because my Gmail address is only seven letters: two initials and a five-letter last name. There are probably dozens or hundreds of email addresses identical to mine except for one letter. So if Capt. Chubby Thumbs types a "d" instead" of an "e", I get the email. Most of the time I ignore them, but this time I couldn't resist writing back. All of the "misters", the punctuation, the spelling... I had a feeling this this one would be fun. I was bored at work anyway, and I needed a laugh. Soooooooooo:

Hey Carmel, Japan is awesome!!  I'm eating lots of sushi and doing karaoke every night.  These Japs sure know how to party, let me tell you! My favorite thing about Japan so far is those crazy harajuku girls with thier funky outfits.  That Gwen Stefani is sure onto something! Hope college is going well for you.  Just remember that studying is only a small, insignificant part of the college experience.  Getting shit-faced as much as possible is very important too! Don't miss me too much, babe.  If you do, just look at the little picture of us that's inside the keychain--remember, the one we took with Goofy at Disney World last year? Always in my heart, Joewhat are u on about? i wasnt in disney world with u ever. i dont swear?and u wouldnt call ur sister babe!!!! so who is this???Obviously I'm not her brother, why would she even respond? I love the stream of consciousness thinking: first confusion, then suspicion, then panic. "Who is this???" I'll never tell you Detective Carmel!

Carmel, babe, what's wrong?  You sound mad. I didn't know you were my sister I swear!  I thought you That was the last I heard from Carmel. I thought we had a thing going, what gives, babe?

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