Move over Rebecca Black

There's a new name in terrible music and they're called the Gold Diggin' Divas.

I'm firmly placing the blame on Rebecca Black for causing this mess. Her craptacular "Friday" video surpassed 167 million views on Youtube before it was pulled down on June 17, which unbelievably ranked it in the Top 20 most viewed of all time. Clearly the Divas are putting their worst foot forward here with their own entry into the dog-eat-dog world of terrible tunes.

If "Friday" is the Showgirls of music videos, "Codependent" would be more like Cruel Intentions 2. It sounds like a good idea, but doesn't hold up to repeat viewings and ultimately leaves you feeling kind of creeped out.

In their own sage words: "if you ain't ballin' siddown."


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